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The 9 Most Shameless 'Alien' Ripoffs

Riddick Universal

A distress signal from deep space. A blue-collar crew of astronauts discover a derelict space craft. A star beast of unknown origin chases them through dark pipe-lined corridors until there's only a few (if one) left. After the blockbuster success of Ridley Scott's sci-fi tinged haunted house movie "Alien" busted some blocks in 1979, it was only a matter of time before the low-budget copycats followed suit. Get More »

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'Spring Breakers' NSFW Outtakes: Look at James Franco's S**t

James Franco, or rather his cracked-out, corn-rowed, grillz-sportin' "Spring Breakers" character Alien, has some dope s**t...and he don't give a f**k wants you to know it.

Whether you loved, hated or thought it was bananas — c'mon, Britney Spears music and mountains of weed in the same flick? — "Spring Breakers" divided the nation when it debuted in March. Now the film, directed by Harmony Korine and starring Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine, is stirring up controversy again (come and get it!) with the DVD, which hits stores tomorrow, July 9. Get More »

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'Alien Vs. Predator'? No! Alien LOVES Predator, Cosplayers Show Us

(James Lipton voice) The history of cinema is filled with couples that begin as antagonists and end as lovers. "You've Got Mail." "As Good As It Gets." "Spaceballs." And now, against all odds, "Alien vs. Predator," — at least if you believe a specific Facebook page. (Spoiler: We do. Because we believe in love.)

That's right, folks, Alien and Predator are in love these days, according to the "Alien Loves Predator UK" page on Facebook (the "UK" part begging the question if they are in love in other countries, too, like Qatar or Mozambique or Texas). And judging by the picture above, they are really enjoying this phase of their lives. I haven't seen Predator this happy since he stole Carl Weathers's right arm. Get More »

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The 15 Most Evil Movie Corporations

The East Fox Searchlight

WARNING: SPOILERS all up in the conference room.

Never trust an organized entity, especially if it has a 401K plan.

As this week's new thriller "The East" chronicles a former FBI agent's transition to a private job at a sinister intelligence agency, we thought we'd look back at the rich history of evil movie corporations and separate the maniacally, outrageously, inexcusably evil from the "Aw, that's cute, look at them trying to be evil" evil. Get More »

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The 15 Best Death Scenes in Movies

The new horror anthology "The ABCs of Death" wants to give gorehounds what they want in alphabetical order by representing each of their 26 segments with a letter. That's fine with us, since we always have plenty of death scenes organized with the Dewey Decimal System, and here are 15 of the most memorable, bloody, and enjoyable ones in the bunch.

Oh yeah, um, spoilers.

Taketoki Washizu in 'Throne of Blood' (1957)

'A' is for 'Arrows'
In one of Akira Kurosawa's many samurai epics with star/badass supreme Toshiro Mifune, the two of them created the kind of arrow-related death that "Lord of the Rings" elf Legolas must dream about at night. By the time this Macbeth stand-in is done for he's got more wood in him than Jenna Jameson and resembles a stoned porcupine. Sayonara, sucker!

High Treason
Throne of Blood at Get More »
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Movie Tattoos: 25 Intense Examples of Cinematic Body Art

You like "Home Alone." Heck, you may even claim to love "Home Alone."

But do you love it enough to ink a tribute to Joe Pesci into your skin, permanently?

They say that beauty is skin-deep, but there's no adage for how deep fandom goes. These 25 hardcore fans of movies from, yes, "Home Alone" to "Black Swan" proudly display their devotion on their bodies in the form of intricate ink.

Scroll on to see, and tell us in the comments how you would pay body art tribute to your favorite flick.

1. 'The Dark Knight'

[source] Get More »

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Are the 'Blade Runner' and 'Alien' Universes Entwined?


Oh Marvel, what hath thou wrought? Now that their shared universe of superheroes has raked in mad cheddar at the global box office, everyone is clamoring to create their own shared movieverse, be it with DC Comics characters or Tom Clancy novels.

In another example of movie synergy, Collider is reporting that there is an aster Egg on the new "Prometheus" Bu-ray which ties the "Alien" prequel to Ridley Scott's other sci-fi masterpiece "Blade Runner," albeit pretty flimsily. Get More »

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8 Great 'Alien' References in 'Prometheus'


If you follow the development of major motion pictures, you may know that "Prometheus" was first conceived as an unambiguous prequel to "Alien." After a time, director Ridley Scott decided this wasn't a good idea, so he gave an already-written script to Damon Lindelof for a thorough revision.

We'll never know why decided against making it an official prequel, though it might be that since "Aliens" followed "Alien" he'd have to call this new one "Alie." And that would just look weird.

As filming progressed, it was admitted that "Prometheus" was in the shared universe with "Alien." Now that I've seen the film, I'm here to tell you this is all needless jibber-jabber. There are similarities with the "Alien" films both big and small and, luckily, I was paying close enough attention that I can share them with you now. Get More »

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Is 'Prometheus' an 'Alien' Prequel? The Answer, Once and for All

Noomi Rapace in "Prometheus"

Is director Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" a full-on prequel to his 1979 sci-fi horror masterpiece "Alien" or not?

That's the question movie fans have been asking for months and we're going to answer it for you, once and for all. The answer, friends, is yes ... basically.

Scott has been adamant that while "Prometheus" "carries the DNA" of "Alien," it is an original piece of science fiction that delves into everything from biotechnology to artificial intelligence to the origins (and possible destruction) of mankind itself. Get More »

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The 9 Baddest Muthas In Movies

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Vol. 1

If there's one rule governing the animal kingdom, it's this: You do not mess with Mom. Ever. If you come between a mama and her cub, you will lose. They're the most terrifying force in the animal kingdom, and they'll do anything to protect their babies.

Of course, you don't need science to tell you that. You know Mom can always be counted on to swoop in like a cookie-baking Batman, knock out a bully, and take you home for story time. (That reminds us, have you bought her a present yet?)

Movies may not get a lot right (physics, romance, book adaptations), but for the most part, they do right by moms. Especially tough moms. Cinema is packed with gun-toting, take-no-prisoners, willing-to-die mothers, and they're all so inspiring that we hated cutting it off at 9. But we did, and here are the Baddest Muthas in Movies. Add your own at #10. Get More »

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