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GALLERY: 'Friday Night Lights' Stars Ready For Their Close-Ups

If you're like us, you love the holiday season, but kinda wish you could spend it in Dillon, Texas, with the Taylor family.

Actually, this year, you almost can. Coach himself, Kyle Chandler, stars in "Argo" and "Zero Dark Thirty," while Mrs. Coach Connie Britton graces the big screen in "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas." As for the young-uns, you've probably already caught Tyra Collette (Adrianne Palicki) in theaters in "Red Dawn" and might want to make a date to see Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) in "In Our Nature" this month.

In fact, why wait to get a good look at them? We figured it was time to pay homage to the (incredibly attractive) cast of "Friday Night Lights" as they're about to see their names in lights for real. And, thus, we were inspired to create this gallery of the "Friday Night Lights" gang in movies, past, present and future. We urge you to click through with clear eyes and full hearts.

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GALLERY: The 'Red (Hot) Dawn' of Adrianne Palicki

America can rest easy knowing that Adrianne Palicki is on the front lines of hotness with her stunning beauty.

After making football more interesting on "Friday Night Lights," the hottie from Ohio is now set to join Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson in keeping our country safe from invading Communist forces in "Red Dawn." She'll also be fighting for freedom as Lady Jaye in next spring's "G.I. Joe: Retaliation."

So ... where can we enlist?

Check out our collection of Adrianne looking hot in movies, on TV shows and on the red carpet, soldier. "Red Dawn" (finally) opens Nov. 21.

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Q&A: 'Red Dawn' Star Adrianne Palicki Talks Ass-Kicking

Getty Images

Adrianne Palicki is easily recognizable as Tyra Collette from the popular television show "Friday Night Lights," which ended its five-year run in 2011. Around the same time, the 29-year-old actress set the comic book community abuzz after nabbing the coveted lead in super-producer David E. Kelly's pilot for "Wonder Woman." Unfortunately, the show didn't get picked up, but Palicki had no problems making the jump to big-screen action hero, even scoring the role of Lady Jaye in the upcoming "G.I. Joe: Retaliation."

In her first film since the end of "FNL," the tall (she's 5-foot-11) hottie battles an enemy takeover in "Red Dawn," which hits theaters on Nov. 21. A tune-up on the 1984 film, the reboot also stars Chris Hemsorth, Josh Peck and Josh Hutcherson, swaps Russians for North Koreans, and proves cell phones can be valuable tools in warfare.

We spoke to Palicki about living up to the original "Red Dawn," her tendency towards action roles, and what her thoughts are on bringing the TV cast back together for a "Friday Night Lights" film. Get More »

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Chris Hemsworth Hits on Hotties in 'Red Dawn' Clip

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

A lot of men would kill for the chance to flirt with Adrianne Palicki. Chris Hemsworth defends his town against a North Korean invasion for the opportunity in the upcoming remake of "Red Dawn." No biggie. Get More »

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15 Breakout Stars to Watch This Summer

There are a lot of things to avoid this summer: blistering sun, bug spray, sweating, sunburns, broken air conditioning, puka shell necklaces. Thankfully, heaven can be found indoors, in a movie theater, with functional air conditioning, popcorn and 90+ minutes of pure cinematic bliss.

This summer Hollywood is giving us a lot of "popcorn flicks" to look forward to: a "Spider-Man" reboot, "Men in Black III," a second "G.I. Joe" movie and "Battleship," to name a few. Among all of these big movies are 15 up-and-coming stars who will be heating up the summer. Some of these are people you've seen on TV, and some you've heard on the radio. All of them are quickly on the rise to silver-screen stardom.

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The 20 Sexiest Women of Summer 2012

What would a blockbuster be without a damsel in distress to save, or a femme fatale to fight? A whole lot less fabulous, that's what.

Throughout the world, the summer movies season is synonymous with chiseled male champions braving larger-than-life adventures. But judging by the crop of broad comedies and action extravaganzas being offered up in the coming months, it looks like the ladies may give their A-list counterparts of the opposite sex a run for their money.

Have a look at 20 starlets who are going to steal the cinematic spotlight.

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Adrianne Palicki Traveling to 'Coffee Town'

Adrianne Palicki
Getty Images

Wish you could have a cup of coffee with Adrianne Palicki?

Yeah, us too. Looks like that might actually happen, believe it or not. Well, kinda.

The female butt-kicker in this summer's "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" is taking a comedy breather from the all-star actioners she's been doing with "Coffee Town," a film from the folks behind CollegeHumor. Get More »

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15 Breakout Stars to Watch in 2012

Adrianne Palicki
Getty Images

Each new movie calendar year brings gleeful anticipation for truly thrilling cinematic surprises, be they for multi-tentacled CGI creatures, massive Michael Bay-splosions, or tear-jerking biopics.

One of the best feelings of all, though, is to come out of a theater beaming at having discovered a new talent that you just know will be around for many more years to come. All these folks have that potential for longevity, but they're starting things off with a clean slate as they attempt to win us over with breakout performances in some of Hollywood's biggest films. Get More »

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Adrianne Palicki Is Bitten By The 'Cobra'

Getty Images

As all fans of "G.I. Joe" are well aware, knowing is half the battle. But now, at long last, we can reveal what wins the other half of the battle: having hot young superstars in your cast.

Yes, Paramount is getting ready to let the cry of "Yo, Joe!" ring out in movie theaters across the land and according to Deadline, "Friday Night Lights" breakout star Adrianne Palicki will be playing the new leading lady, Lady Jaye. Get More »

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