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The History of 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter': Fact or Fiction?

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
20th Century Fox

When faced with a tone-deaf would-be fanboy film, it's hard not to think about Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

The woman who popularized the "five stages of dying" was also right on the money in describing all that went through my mind during last night's screening of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

First came denial ("No, this is just a subversive B-movie romp!") then anger ("I'm gonna to go Russia and make a dumbass movie about Peter the Great and see how Timur Bekmanbetov feels!") then bargaining ("Please! Someone go get John Wilkes Booth on my ass and put me out of my misery right now!") then depression ("This is my fault for forwarding all those Funny or Die videos") and finally acceptance ("Okay, I guess the fight with Marton Csokas with the stampeding horses was kinda cool.")

With these five stages flushed through my system, I found myself asking one more: just how much of this is actually ... accurate? Get More »

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Badass President Movies: 10 Others We Want to See

Ryan Reynolds in Cuban Muscle Crisis

Biopics about U.S. presidents usually depict Commanders in Chief as stately, diplomatic heads of state whose biggest fights are with Congress or rascally foreign countries.

The new movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," however, gives us an Abraham Lincoln we've never read about in history books. Freeing the slaves was a pretty kickass thing to do in real life, but in Timur Bekmambetov's adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's novel, our 16th president speaks softly, carries a big ax, and chops up vampires 'til they're deader than undead.

All those other presidents must be kind of jealous of Honest Abe right about now, don't you think? So with the help of Old Red Jalopy, we're casting even more of our nation's leaders as action hero-types, striking down more than just bad legislation. You're welcome, POTUSes. Get More »

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Q&A: 'Abraham Lincoln' Star Benjamin Walker Gives Honest Answers

Benjamin Walker
Getty Images

Benjamin Walker is running towards stardom. After conquering Broadway with "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson," he now steps into the shoes and stovepipe hat of our 16th President in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

From the title you can gauge that this is no boring-ass biopic, but rather a tongue-in-cheek action extravaganza that reimagines The Great Emancipator as a monster killer of the highest caliber, and pretty handy with an ax.

We sat down with Walker in New York to discuss his take on the historical Lincoln, his upcoming monster movie "The Great Wall," and whether he could beat Steven Spielberg's Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) in a fight. Get More »

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Everything We Know About 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
20th Century Fox

Abraham Lincoln: He was our sixteenth president, the Great Emancipator and, of course, he was also a peerless vampire hunter. Oh, sure, that last part might have been glossed over in your high school history book, but that's fine, because the truth will finally be revealed when "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" hits theaters this week.

You don't need to wait four score and seven years to get answers, though, because we have everything there is to know about "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" right now. Get More »

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Next Factor Q&A: 'The Loved Ones' Star Robin McLeavy

Robin McLeavy
Getty Images

If you thought Carrie White flipped out at her prom in "Carrie," wait until you see the lengths Lola "Princess" Stone -- played by Robin McLeavy -- goes to in "The Loved Ones" to land her dream date. The critically acclaimed 2009 Australian horror film directed by Sean Byrne has been described as a combination of "Pretty in Pink" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" for its depiction of lonely Princess kidnapping and torturing (with the help of her dad) the guy she is crushing on. "The Loved Ones" is currently playing in select cities.

Aussie actress McLeavy, who turns 31 this month, comes from a theater background and jumped at the chance to play a girl who is a tad mental. McLeavy chatted us up about getting into her character's headspace and who she will be playing in this summer's "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." Get More »

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15 Breakout Stars to Watch This Summer

There are a lot of things to avoid this summer: blistering sun, bug spray, sweating, sunburns, broken air conditioning, puka shell necklaces. Thankfully, heaven can be found indoors, in a movie theater, with functional air conditioning, popcorn and 90+ minutes of pure cinematic bliss.

This summer Hollywood is giving us a lot of "popcorn flicks" to look forward to: a "Spider-Man" reboot, "Men in Black III," a second "G.I. Joe" movie and "Battleship," to name a few. Among all of these big movies are 15 up-and-coming stars who will be heating up the summer. Some of these are people you've seen on TV, and some you've heard on the radio. All of them are quickly on the rise to silver-screen stardom.

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The Top 30 Must-See Summer Movies of 2012

Summer 2012 Movies Preview
Columbia Pictures / Warner Bros.

'Tis the season for massive explosions and people running from them.

Summer movies are coming, and iconic superheroes will dominate as "Dark Knight Rises," "Avengers," and "The Amazing Spider-Man" duke it out for box office supremacy, while the sci-fi derby includes fresh takes on the "Alien" saga ("Prometheus") and Philip K. Dick ("Total Recall"), plus a return visit to MIB headquarters.

Of course, it's not all grenades and gunshots. Just see a shirtless Tom Cruise in "Rock of Ages" and everythingless Channing Tatum in "Magic Mike" representing for the ladies this summer.

We count down the biggest and best blockbusters for beating the summer heat. Get More »

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Summer Movies Poll: Most Badass Dude

Summer Poll: Badass Dude
Marvel / Columbia Pictures / Universal

PREVIOUS: Who will be summer's most badass babe? >>

This poll will close on May 2 at 12 p.m.

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WonderCon 2012: Aliens, Abe Lincoln & 'Amazing Spider-Man' Hit Anaheim

Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender at WonderCon 2012
Getty Images

Watch out, San Diego Comic-Con. Your brother WonderCon has a new home, and apparently, some renewed movie and star power.

Moving south this year from San Francisco to Anaheim, WonderCon unspoiled its most impressive movie slate yet, playing host to summer 2012 blockbusters like "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," "Snow White and the Huntsman,"  "Battleship" and "Prometheus," plus a host of other comic and genre-friendly fare looking to build buzz among fanboys and girls.

The rain-filled three-day convention attracted its fair share of celebs, too, with Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Michael Fassbender, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill all presumably making the short drive down from Los Angeles. Get More »

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Tim Burton Acquaints You with 'Abraham Lincoln'

Tim Burton

Prince Charles is actually a werewolf? Good thing Tim Burton is on the case.

The "Dark Shadows" director was unable to attend a recent press event at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum in Springfield, Illinois hosted by 20th Century Fox and "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," but he did manage to film a rather, well, Burton-esque introduction for it. Get More »

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