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Questions and Answers With Domhnall Gleeson

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Domhnall Gleeson, Hollywood's newest leading man would like to stress two things: His new movie is super weird, and he's really hungry. Gleeson, 30, leads Richard Curtis' ("Love Actually") quirky new time travel movie, "About Time." Not quirky in that the protagonists wear glasses and have bangs (well, Gleeson's co-star Rachel McAdams has bangs, but she calls it "fringe," so she gets a pass), but that the movie is anything but a typical rom-com.

"It's a bizarre film," Gleeson told NextMovie during a September conversation in New York City. "There's time travel, there's craziness and all the rest, but it's romantic comedy and there's big bits and big comedy and all the rest of it."

Best known for playing Bill Weasley in later installments of the "Harry Potter" series, Gleeson steps up to the plate as Tim in the unconventional new movie, which opens wide on November 8. The year he turns 21, Tim is shocked when his father (played by Bill Nighy) tells him that the men in their family can travel back in time. Throughout his life, Tim learns the do's (spend time with the people you care about) and don'ts (you're not going to come up with a suave opening line when you want to chat up that girl) of time travel, coupling up with Mary (Rachel McAdams) in the meantime. While the movie still maintains the humor and warmth "Love Actually" fans will recognize (and, as Gleeson said, Curtis' "gloriously over the top" sensibilities), "About Time" is ultimately a meditation on family and enjoying the time you're given in this life.

Our conversation with Gleeson, however, is a meditation on the possibilities that time travel would open up, from the ability to avoid soiling oneself to a new ailment that Gleeson dubbed "time-travel bulimia," perhaps out of wishful thinking related to the strict diet the actor is on in preparation for a role. Read on for more. Get More »

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'About Time' Trailer: Rachel McAdams Finds a New Time Traveler to Love

It's an age old question, debated by sages and philosophers for centuries: What would happen if you put "Harry Potter" stars Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson together in a time travel caper? And now, thanks to The Telegraph, we finally know the answer: You'd get the first trailer for the new indie rom-com "About Time."

You would also get solid confirmation of Rachel McAdams' time travel fetish. Get More »

Rachel McAdams in Another Tearjerker? It's 'About Time'

Rachel McAdams
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Rachel McAdams is going to make you believe in the (sometimes supernatural) power of love … again.

The adorable star of such romantic dramas as "The Vow" and "The Notebook" is set to continue breaking hearts as she signs on to play the female lead in "About Time," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Get More »

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It's 'About Time' For Zooey Deschanel and 'Potter' Star Domhnall Gleeson

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Zooey Deschanel has been keeping herself both busy and in the spotlight recently thanks to her hit TV sitcom "New Girl," but fans of the "(500) Days of Summer" actress have been waiting a while for her to headline a new movie. Sure, she appeared in "Our Idiot Brother" and "Your Highness" last year, but those were ensembles. When would she get a chance to really shine on the big screen again?

Well, now we know the answer, as Variety is reporting that Deschanel is considering a lead role in a new film and all we can say is that it's "About Time." Literally. Get More »

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