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'Kick-Ass 2' Trailer Premiere: Guess What Gets Kicked

For the last three years, fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the superhero sequel to end all superhero sequels, "Kick-Ass 2." And today, MTV and NextMovie are presenting the exclusive premiere of the first ever "Kick-Ass 2" trailer.

Now that's really kick-ass! (See what we did there?) Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Brave' and More

Brave Pixar

This week: Pixar churns out another animated blockbuster with "Brave," featuring the voices of Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Waters, Robbie Coltrane, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson and many more.

Also new this week is Oliver Stone's "Savages," the sci-fi comedy "The Watch" with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill, and the glorious Blu-ray debut of "Lawrence of Arabia." Get More »

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Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood Have a Kick-Ass Wedding

Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson
Getty Images

What is age but a state of mind, anyway?

Aaron Johnson, 22, and Sam Taylor-Wood, 45, embraced that outlook when they said "I do" at their wedding ceremony in Somerset this past Thursday, according to E! Online.

The "Kick-Ass" star met his future wife in 2009 upon being cast as John Lennon in her feature directorial debut, "Nowhere Boy." The couple already have two children: Wylda Rae, born in 2010, and Romy Hero, born in January 2012. Taylor-Wood also has two daughters, Anjelica and Jessie, from her previous marriage to art dealer and gallery owner Jay Jopling. Get More »

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'Anna Karenina' Trailer Brings Some Classic Keira Knightley

Focus Features

Keira Knightley's pretty much the go-to girl for successful classic book-to-film adaptations anymore and for good reason: She's just so darn good at portraying the idyllic doe-eyed heroines of old.

The intense trailer for "Anna Karinina" is now upon us, and it proves that Knightley and director Joe Wright really are an adaptation dream team. The two — who previously paired up for "Atonement" and "Pride and Prejudice" — have concocted the movie telling of Leo Tolstoy's masterpiece in a way that is both a faithful and subtly transformative at the same time. Get More »

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Chloe Moretz's Hit Girl to Waste More Bad Guys in 'Kick-Ass 2'

Chloe Grace Moretz in Kick-Ass

In 2010, director Matthew Vaughn ("X-Men: First Class") co-wrote, directed, and self-financed a superhero movie all true-blue comic book fans could believe in, one with swears, huge body counts and a 10-year-old girl who murders criminals.

Now, after a couple years of intense speculation, "Kick-Ass" is getting a sequel, and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Vaughn is shopping it to Universal as opposed to his Lionsgate partners on the previous entry. The actors who brought a wired energy to the characters of wannabe vigilantes Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson), Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), and the foul-mouthed Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz) are all expected to reprise their antics. Get More »

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Salma Hayek Is One Scary Hombrette in New 'Savages' Trailer


Andy Warhol once famously said that in the future, every movie will have a 15 second teaser trailer. But since 15 seconds of fame just wasn't quite enough for "Savages," MTV has just followed up yesterday's explosive tease with the full length trailer.

Get ready for a shock to the system, because judging by this incendiary new clip, Oliver Stone has turned out one of his sharpest films in years. Get More »

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Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson are 'Savages' in This Teaser

Get More: Emile Hirsch, Blake Lively, Benicio Del Toro, Aaron Johnson, Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek, John Travolta, Movie Trailers, Movies Blog

Considering "Savages" features one of the coolest casts in recent memory (Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Emile Hirsch, Salma Hayek, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Benicio del Toro, etc.), you wouldn't think that an innovative director like Oliver Stone wouldn't have any trouble crafting a trailer that shows off the film's highlights. Get More »

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Glenn Close Shines as Cross-Dressing Butler 'Albert Nobbs'

Albert Nobbs
Roadside Attractions

Glenn Close's passion project "Albert Nobbs" might sound familiar to fans of "Downton Abbey," with its tales of unrequited love and deeply held secrets among the hired help; but this period drama is more than meets the eye.

Albert Nobbs is a meticulous butler in a swanky Irish hotel. He's quiet and stiff, with closely cropped hair and a low, halting voice. He has impeccable manners, rarely makes eye contact with the rich patrons, and fades into the background whenever possible.

Albert Nobbs is also a woman. Behind the impassive exterior, tightly bound breasts and uncanny special-effects makeup beats the heart of a lonely person who has no idea other women also live as men to make their way in the world in the 19th century. Get More »

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'Albert Nobbs' Trailer Says Eff You, Gender Stereotypes

Chrysalis Films

For the last 30 years, Glenn Close -- widely regarded as one of the greatest actresses of her generation -- has tried and failed to get "Albert Nobbs" made. A movie about a woman who pretends to be a man in order to express who she truly is? No way.

Well, today the first trailer for "Albert Nobbs" has at last arrived and we'd just like to say: Welcome to the 21st century, Hollywood. Glad you could make it. Get More »

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It's Official: Keira Knightley Is 'Anna Karenina'

Keira Knightley
Getty Images

"Anna Karenina" is considered by many to be the greatest novel of all time. But how is it going to do as a film?

Well, we're about to find out, because Focus Features officially announced today that Keira Knightley will headline a new version of the film that will reunite the star with her "Pride & Prejudice" and "Atonement" director, Joe Wright.

Get ready to party like it's 1879.

This is hardly the first adaptation of "Anna Karenina," of course; at least a dozen previous versions of Russian master Leo Tolstoy's classic have made it to the big screen, with everyone from Greta Garbo to Sean Bean getting in on the action. Get More »

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