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5 Roles You Totally Know '50 Shades' Femme Dakota Johnson From

Columbia Pictures Columbia Pictures

If you were one of those people who did a little head scratch action and wondered "WHO?!" when Dakota Johnson was announced as the big screen sex slave-to-be Anastasia Steele in "Fifty Shades of Grey," you are totally not alone.

Apart from the fact that she's the product of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson's second marital union (yep), the public doesn't know a whole heck of a lot about the girl.

Believe it or not, though, you probably have seen her in a movie or two before without realizing it. You see, until this bondage flick score, she's only been the headliner for one project (the short-lived TV show "Ben and Kate"), but she's had a slew of cameo roles that she took full advantage of, so to speak.

Even better, some of them involved some beneath-the-sheets-ish behavior that might just make you wanna rethink signing that "Fifty Shades" recast petition. Get More »

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'21 Jump Street' Sequel Will Be Brie-Free, Says Larson

Brie Larson Getty Images

Though it wasn't "necessarily" her choice, Brie Larson will not be returning to that street made famous by Johnny Depp.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are moving ahead with a sequel to the well-received action-comedy adaptation of the TV show that launched Depp in the late '80s, "21 Jump Street."

While it's unclear which other actors will return from last  year's critical and commercial hit  (we're certainly pulling for Ice Cube), Brie Larson recently revealed that she will not be back. In an exclusive interview with Screen Crush, the girl who played Hill's love interest in the movie said she has "no idea" what's happening with the sequel following a meeting with the film's directing duo.

"After speaking with them, it's not something I'm going to be a part of anymore than just in spirit," she said of her sit-down with returning co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Hill will again produce, with his and Tatum's undercover cop characters reportedly posing as college students (rather than high schoolers). The joke in the title? The two of them move right next door to where they used to be. Get More »

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The 15 Greatest Movie Trip Scenes Ever

This is the End Columbia Pictures

There's always been a lot of tripping in movies, and man, is it hilarious. People trip all the time. Why, just the other day, I had dropped my backpack on the floor of my apartment right when I walked in, and as I circled back around really quickly I ended up stepping right into ...

Oh. OHHH. That type of tripping. The one with hallucinogenic drugs. Okay, got it. Yeah, that type of tripping is funny, too. And hey, that's in a bunch of movies as well! Like, say, this week's "This is the End." Or so we hear. Get More »

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'Jurassic Park 4' Nearing Extinction

Universal Universal

Looks like T-Rex'll be keeping that slight lead in the kill count race against Velociraptor for a little longer ... and possibly forever.

Universal has pulled an "Ian, FREEZE" on its plans to begin production on "Jurassic Park 4" this summer, thereby opening up its prime release date spot for the "21 Jump Street" sequel to hop into. Get More »

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'21 Jump Street' Directors Sign on for Sequel

Sony Sony

Now, here's a sequel people actually do want to see.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the co-directors on "21 Jump Street," have just accepted the assignment of helming the second installment, which'll send Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) off to college — or, as Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) phrased it, the place where those two cowboys will be allowed to "drink booze, smoke weed with kids, and f**k anything with a big ass in jeans with low self-esteem." Get More »

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'Weird Science' Gets the Remake Treatment

Weird Science Universal

Nostalgia is a funny thing. There's a very fine line between honoring characters, toys, cartoons and movies from the past and exploiting them. So every time a high-profile remake or relaunch comes along, whether it's "Transformers," "Star Wars" or "The A-Team," fans around the country hold their breath. Is it going to be good or is it going to crap all over your childhood again? Get More »

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50 Upcoming Movie Sequels (Yep, 50)

Army of Darkness Universal

Sequels are awesome, plain and simple. Returning to familiar characters and worlds we love is like covering yourself with a warm blanket, although when a sequel is bad it can be like a blanket covered in potato bugs and lice. Studios love sequels because seven times out of ten they open huge, no matter how good they are. Get More »

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Staff Picks: Kase Wickman's Top 10 Movies of 2012


I don't believe in feeling guilt over what movies I like. Many critics and bloggers and other people who get to say with a straight face that they get paid to think about movies all day will tell you all about "important" movies and other milestones they feel are underappreciated by mainstream audiences, but I personally don't feel like I'm above having a good time at the movie theater.

You won't see "Zero Dark Thirty" on this list, nor will you find "The Master," though I saw both and enjoyed them and took something away from them. They just aren't movies that I can see myself wanting to enjoy again (ever again), unlike the 10 titles that made my admittedly somewhat fluffy year-end list.

2012 was a banner year for movies, and the hits just keep coming (thanks for the time off, winter break! You would need to call in sick to see the array of awesome holiday offerings coming at us before year's end). Read on for my list of my top 10 picks for the year. Get More »

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The 25 Best Movies of 2012

The Silver Linings Playbook / 21 Jump Street / The Dark Knight Rises The Weinstein Co. / Sony / Warner Bros.

Like every year, 2012 seems to have gone by far too quickly. But, unlike almost every year, 2012 was filled to the brim with great movies. From moving dramas and unforgettable indies to shockingly worthy comedies and actually super superhero blockbusters, Team NextMovie really had a difficult time narrowing down our 25 favorite flicks of the year.

In fact, the only thing we all agreed on unanimously was what film should sit at the very top. What was it? Get More »

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Before They Were Famous: Vince Vaughn on '21 Jump Street'

Vince Vaughn on 21 Jump Street

This weekend, Vince Vaughn will be battling extraterrestrials alongside Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade in "The Watch," a sci-fi comedy about a group of suburban buddies who suddenly find themselves trying to save Earth from alien takeover.

Before he was warding off space invaders, Vaughn headed to Hollywood via way of Illinois during the early '90s after being cast in a Chevy commercial. He initially struggled with a lot of rejections until he finally landed a few small roles in after-school specials and television shows. Get More »

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