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'21 & Over' Stars Talk Drunk Stages in Exclusive Clip

In "21 & Over," which hits DVD June 18, Jeff Chang turns the big 2-1 and decides to celebrate by getting wasted with his friends. Super wasted. Everywhere. While it's a concept as old as...well, good wine, "21 & Over" digs a little deeper into the art of getting bombed. In fact, they've gotten it down to a science. Get More »

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'Jack the Giant Slayer' Scores Pyrrhic Box Office Victory

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

"Jack the Giant Slayer" won the box office crown this weekend but according to it was a Pyrrhic victory at best, as the film's total of $28 million still puts it on pace to be an epic flop despite debuting at number one.

And "Jack the Giant Slayer" wasn't the only giant disappointment at the box office, as fellow new releases "21 and Over" and "The Last Exorcism Part II" both tanked as well, bringing in just $9 million and $8 million respectively.

Pretty much the only bright spot of the weekend was Melissa McCarthy's "Identity Thief," which topped the $100 million mark in its fourth week of release. Overall, though, Hollywood is just holding its breath for next weekend's release of "Oz the Great and Powerful."

For the full weekend box office top ten, head to

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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'Jack the Giant Slayer' & More

"If you figure a way to live without serving a master, any master, then let the rest of us know, will you? For you'd be the first person in the history of the world." – Philip Seymour Hoffman, 'The Master'

Greetings from the apocalypse! This week finds me once again walking down memory lane as I recall two new movies I visited the sets of and, as usual, childhood traumas. Do those traumas involve giants? Do I seek the therapy I so desperately need? Read on … Get More »

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March Movie Math: Adding Up the New Releases

Spring Breakers Annapurna Pictures

Your mother always told you that math would be important; NextMovie is just here to drive the point home. Can't decide which of March's kabillion new releases is for you? Fret not, faithful moviegoer! Whether you're headed to Oz (the Great and Powerful) or bound for Spring Break(ers), it all adds up. Read on to see NextMovie's March Movie Match, breaking down the month's new releases into simple arithmetic. Get More »

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Questions and Answers with Miles Teller

Getty Images Getty Images

Miles Teller made his big-screen debut just a few years ago, starring in the 2010 indie flick "Rabbit Hole" opposite Nicole Kidman. With a steady career on the rise ever since - from his role in the teen comedy "Project X," to appearing in the "Footloose" remake - Teller is stepping it up in his latest film.

"21 and Over" centers on three buddies (Teller, Skylar Astin, Justin Chon) who head out for an evening of epic festivities as one of them celebrates his 21st birthday. What ensues after that is a night filled with crazy experiences they'd rather soon forget.

NextMovie caught up with Teller to chat about all the debauchery in "21 and Over" (including going almost fully nude), which superhero he'd like to play, and why he won't wear a trench coat in any of his films. Get More »

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Questions and Answers with Skylar Astin

Skylar Astin Getty Images

Hot off the heels of his role in "Pitch Perfect," Skylar Astin is moving on from singing in a college a cappella group to getting spanked by a college sorority. In the new comedy "21 and Over," Astin plays Casey, one of two buddies (the other played by Miles Teller) who surprise their friend, Jeff Chang (Justin Chon), at his campus dorm in celebration of his 21st birthday. One crazy night goes all sorts of wrong when Jeff gets piss drunk and the guys need to get him home before the break of dawn, a task made all the more challenging due to the fact that they don't have his address.

We chatted with Astin about some of the shenanigans in "21 and Over," including getting butt naked and what it was like to kiss both a girl and a guy (yes, that happens, too) in one film. Get More »

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Infographic: Proof That 'The Hangover' and '21 and Over' Are Basically the Same Movie

21 and Over Relativity Media

"Man, let's go see a movie! You know, the one where a bunch of bros go out to celebrate another bro's milestone. Madness, shots, nudity and general hijinks follow! Laugh riot!"

"Yeah, dude! 'The Hangover' was so great, wasn't it?"

"No, I was talking about '21 and Over.'"

"You're blowing. My mind." Get More »

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8 Junior Versions of Other Movies

Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms in "The Hangover Part 2" Warner Bros.

Okay, so here's a movie pitch for you: Take a group of mismatched friends, send them out for an evening of drunken revelry and then watch the hilarity ensue when they try to figure out just what the heck they did. Guaranteed hit, right?

But we're not describing the plot of "The Hangover" — we're actually describing the plot of the upcoming teen comedy "21 and Over," which is basically exactly like "The Hangover" except, you know, with college students in it.

"21 and Over" is hardly the first film to blantly remake another movie, book or play for a teenage crowd; it's actually a longstanding tradition in Hollywood. So in honor of "21 and Over's" brazen replication, here's a closer look at it and six other films like it. Get More »

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Feel Young Again with Our '21 and Over' Giveaway

21 and Over Relativity Media

Do you remember your 21st birthday? Of course you don't. So it's time to make some new memories of youthful fervor and reckless abandon with our "21 and Over" giveaway.

In "21 and Over," young Jeff (Justin Chon) celebrates the most important birthday of his life the only way one should: as extremely as possible. Sure, his epic bacchanal takes place under the supervision of a controlled movie set, so it's up to you to be responsible for your fun (seriously, don't drink and drive and do dumb s**t, folks).

What kind of fun? One lucky grand prize winner will be the proud owner of "The Hangover" on DVD (which is like "21 and Over" for the pushing-40 crowd), a drinking game book ("The Imbible: Drinking Games for Times You'll Never Remember with Friends You'll Never Forget"), an ice luge mold, a 47 Creative Motion Drink Dart Game and a rather tasteful beer cozy. Get More »

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Boys Go Wild in Exclusive Pics From '21 and Over'

No one ever has a quiet 21st birthday. At least not in the movies.

There's plenty of chaos, overindulgence and utter debauchery on display in "21 and Over," the new comedy that chronicles one mad dog crazy birthday in the life of straight-A college student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon), who's treated to a surprise night on the town in honor of his 21st year by his pals Casey (Skyler Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller). Who needs sobriety and coherence when you've got a medical school interview the next morning, anyway?

Below you'll find an advance exclusive look at some of the highlights of this celebration of a crucial turning point in any young person's mortal timeline. "21 and Over," which is written and directed by "The Hangover" scribes Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, will be coming at you in theaters on March 1.

21 and Over Get More »

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