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Skee-Lo Reviews 'The Hobbit'

Bilbo Baggins and Skee-Lo both may wish they were a little bit taller, but Skee-Lo tells us why the main character of "The Hobbit" is already a baller.

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Immortal Technique
Viper Records

Bookmark this page 'cause you like our Rappers Review Movies series? Word. Well, we're now running rapper reviews on our Video Hub. So check them out there, or get to our latest editions directly from the links below.

M.O.P. Reviews 'The Muppets'

Immortal Technique Reviews 'Immortals'

Tek & Steele Review 'Real Steel'

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Sadat X Reviews 'Cowboys & Aliens'

Sadat X
Tell-X Records

Anyone who knows their Hip-Hop should recognize why we enlisted Sadat X to give us his appraisal of the genre-mashing new actioner "Cowboys & Aliens."

He is, after all, "The Wild Cowboy."

The Brand Nubian rapper saddled up for the ride recently at a Manhattan theater and quite liked what he surveyed, especially appreciating the film's rock 'em, sock 'em action scenes and the golden efforts of its two stars, Harrison "Indy" Ford and Daniel "Bond" Craig. Get More »

Freeway Reviews 'Cars 2'


Pixar movies don't just entertain adults and kids alike, they can educate people of all ages, too.

Just ask Freeway, the latest rhymesayer to race to the cineplex for our Rappers Review Movies series.

After watching an advance screening of "Cars 2" in his hometown last week, the Philadelphia MC/ Pixar aficionado rattled off lessons he took away from fan favorite Tow Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy), who gets a whole lot more screen time in this sequel. He also expresses his appreciation for the multicultural cars and tells us what kind of whip he would voice in a "Cars" movie (hey Pixar, keep him in mind for Part 3?). Get More »

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KRS-One Reviews 'Bad Teacher'

Getty Images

KRS-One isn't just a Hip Hop pioneer, activist and icon. He's also the culture's ordained "Teacha."

So who better to educate viewers on the new Cameron Diaz comedy "Bad Teacher" than The Blastmaster KRS himself?

The usually serious, often philosophical KRS laughed his way through the hijinks of this snappy comedy, giving Diaz and co-star Justin Timberlake thoroughly high marks for their efforts. He even found a few lessons rooted under the raunch. Get More »

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Jean Grae Reviews 'X-Men: First Class'

Jean Grae
Jean Grae

We've lucked out so far this summer in thematically matching artists with films for our Rappers Review Movies series (see MC Hammer reviewing "Thor" or Tha Alkaholiks reviewing "The Hangover II").

But this latest installment might take the cake. Not only is the prolific NYC femcee Jean Grae a hardcore "X-Men" fan, her namesake is even derived from one its characters.

So yeah, we expected Jean to give it to us straight when chiming in on "X-Men: First Class," the fifth mutant-superhero flick in a series that's seen its ups ("X-Men" and "X2") and downs ("X-Men: The Last Stand" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"). Get More »

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Tha Alkaholiks Review 'The Hangover Part II'

Tha Alkaholiks
Tha Alkaholiks

One of the beauties of our Rappers Review Movies series: Sometimes the movie-MC matches pair themselves (who else to review "Thor" but MC Hammer?).

Consider Tha Alkaholiks critiquing "The Hangover Part II," the latest Hip Hop-meets-Hollywood match made in heaven. Really, who else could we have called to properly dissect the booze-fueled debauchery of this Bangkok-set comedy sequel? Get More »

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Nikki Lynette Reviews 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'

Nikki Lynette
Nikki Lynette

The critics have already made their opinions known about "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," the fourth installment in Disney's swashbuckling cash-cow. But as you should know by now, NextMovie cares more about what our favorite rappers think.

To enlist a brave soul to embark on our latest rapper reviewing voyage, we sponsored a contest on OurStage to find our next MC/critic.

The victor: up-and-coming Chicago rhymesayer Nikki Lynette. Get More »

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MC Hammer Reviews 'Thor'

MC Hammer Reviews Thor
Getty Images

We've had a lot of fun since kicking off our Rappers Review Movies series, whether it was involving some of the industry's most respected lyricists (Sean Price, Talib Kweli, Phaorahe Monch) or finding perfect nominal pairings (Lil Mama reviewing "Big Momma's House 3," Insane Clown Posse reviewing "Water for Elephants").

But this one, folks, is a movie-rapper match made in heaven. MC Hammer, the hip-hop legend far too legit to ever quit, represented NextMovie at the Hollywood premiere of "Thor" –starring Chris Hemsworth as the original hammer-wielder -- and gave us his take on summer's first big blockbuster. Get More »

Insane Clown Posse Reviews 'Water For Elephants'

Getty Images

Juggalos, you might want to sit down for this.

The gents of Insane Clown Posse, the Detroit-based masters of demented face paint and horrorcore hip-hop, were the latest artists to take in a flick with NextMovie. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope caught a showing of "Water For Elephants," starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, and -- wait for it -- they weren't fans.

We know. We're shocked too. Get More »

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