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A Real-Life Ghost Whisperer Tells Us Which Ghost Movies Are Most Accurate

Buena Vista

Most of the great mysteries of life will never be explained: Where do we come from, why are we here, how does Carrot Top make a living?

But as a special favor to you, readers, we've managed to clear up one of the big ones -- what really happens when we buy the farm?

We talked to author/psychic Mary Ann Winkowski -- a consultant for "The Ghost Whisperer" and the woman Jennifer Love Hewitt's TV character was based on.

Mary Ann filled us in on which movies get it right and which get it dead wrong.

(We also learned there's a ghost hanging out in the NextMovie office, but that's another story.) Get More »

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9 Scary Movies for Scaredy Cats


Are you that person in your friend group who manages to stop scary movie night from happening? Do you always find yourself freaked out for days when you finally do decide to watch one? Do you dread the month of October every year because it means a seemingly endless amount of scary movie nights?

If you answered yes to any of those questions,  this is the list for you. Watching scary movies is not something that's fun for everyone, but Halloween brings out the horror buffs, much to the dismay of the easily frightened. If you find yourself outvoted by friends on movie night, and stuck watching something scary, we've got you covered! This list pulls out nine of the safest scary movies for scaredy cats (it's a badge of honor, really, just embrace it) should the need arise. We'll tell you why it's scary, why it isn't, and even the big moment when you may need to conveniently excuse yourself for a bathroom break.

You're welcome. Read on for the un-freakiest of the freaky. Get More »

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Weekly Movie Math: Lesbians, Lawyers and Legally Questionable Stunts

Paramount Paramount

Your mother always told you math class would be important, we just bet you didn't think it would be so helpful in deciding what to see at the movies this weekend.

That's why your nice friends at NextMovie are here to tutor you in Movie Math, the arithmetically proven best way to break down the coming weekend's releases. Whether you're into sexually graphic French lesbians (yeah, really), misbehaving octogenarians (sigh, also really) or a murderer's row of Oscar bait committing possible on-screen murders, there's something for you at the movies this weekend. Read on for this week's Movie Math. Get More »

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Tales From the Mouse House: Disney World's Weirdest Secrets

Disney Insider Disney Insider

Practically every child dreams about going to Disney World at some point in their life. Disney World should be a warm and magical place to spend time with kids...right?

Well, that's ruined now thanks to "Escape From Tomorrow," the dark thriller director Randy Moore illegally filmed in Disney World in complete secrecy. The movie is a decidedly dark take on the Happiest Place on Earth, centering on the epic battle of a father who loses his job — and sanity — while vacationing with his family in Disney World. His hallucinations and disturbing visions that take place while he's inside may give park-goers pause.

Though we can assure you that Moore's film is a work of fiction, there are some real-life murmurs of weirdness in the Magic Kingdom. Human remains in the park? Hmm, maybe Disney World isn't as happy as it's made out to be.

Read on for six of the weirdest secrets and rumors about Disney World. Get More »

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13 Things We Learned About 'Divergent'-verse From Veronica Roth Last Night

"Divergent" / Summit "Divergent" / Summit

Nowadays, certain movies are hyped years in advance (remember when Angelina Jolie was set to star in "Gravity" and "Harry Potter" was only going to be seven movies?), so forgive us for thinking that March 20, 2014 isn't actually that far away. No, we're not that pumped about Spring Break (foreverrrrrr) — that's when we'll finally get our "Divergent" on.

Shailene Woodley and Theo James star in the new movie, set in a future Chicago laid to waste and nearly unrecognizable from today's Windy City. Though the movie has received plenty of hype already (set visits, primers and trailers galore!), millions have already delved into the "Divergent"-verse, courtesy of the Young Adult trilogy they movie is adapted from.

Yesterday, the final installment of the trilogy of novels, "Allegiant," was released. Author Veronica Roth, a New York Times bestselling author many times over now, appeared at New York's 92nd St. Y to give a talk to a crowd of enthusiastic fans, discussing the finer points of the novel and movie, and even bringing out two cast members, Ansel Elgort and Christian Madsen, to the delight of the screaming assembled allegiants. (We'll need to work on a new name for that fan army.) Though the event was organized around the publication of the novel, there was still plenty to learn about the highly anticipated film.

Here are 13 points of interest we learned from last night's hour-long discussion. Get More »

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11 Super-Surprising Director Credits

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Warner Bros.

A whole mess of factors goes into what projects a director takes on. A young up-and-comer might be happy just to get his first directing credit, regardless of what it might actually be about. A director who's been around the block might pick up a project way outside of their wheelhouse just for the experience. And the promise of a couple bucks doesn't hurt, either.

In other words, sometimes you just can't pin a filmmaker down. Here are some rather odd and unexpected director-movie pairings. Get More »

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Weekly Movie Math: Freaks, Leaks and Stallone Speaks

Touchstone Touchstone

If there's one thing you can count on at the movies this weekend, it's the fact that they're all gonna laugh at you.

Yes, the remake of classic horror movie "Carrie" is out this weekend, and so is our weekly edition of Movie Math. If you found math class as horrifying as Carrie found high school, never fear -- we're just here to talk about movies, folks.

Ahead, we break down the weekend's new releases, from the horrors of high school to the keystrokes of WikiLeaks, into their disparate parts. Click ahead to quiz yourself on this week's Movie Math. Get More »

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9 Most Random Movies Ripped Off by Foreign Countries

Three Giant Men Tual Studios

It's no secret that foreign countries like to steal/borrow/remake movies from Hollywood and cash in from time to time. Pretty much every country that has a film industry has its own "Star Wars." And if you've never heard of the Turkish "E.T.," well, here. Heck, Hollywood borrows from overseas all the time, too. (See: "The Departed," "Oldboy," almost every horror movie of the last ten years.) Get More »

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33 GIFs of Machete Killing

machetefi2 Troublemaker Studios

Robert Rodriguez's Machete has some creative ways of killing bad guys. In his film debut, he decapitated three henchmen in one fell swoop, used a gun that was still grasped by someone else's severed hand, and riddled bad guys with bullets from a flying motorcycle.

So, in anticipation of "Machete Kills," we decided that a fitting tribute to the action hero would be GIFs of every single one of his kills in the first "Machete." Check them all out after the jump! Get More »

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Weekly Movie Math: Love, Music and Pirates

Sony Sony

Your mother always told you math class would be important, but you probably didn't know that you'd need an equation to decide whether you'd rather see Tom Hanks conquer the high seas or Rupert Grint slay a dirty basement club using only his pasty, wizardly butt cheeks.

Yes, Movie Math is back to deliver the thrills and chills of this week's new releases, breaking down Somali pirates and updated Shakespearean lovers alike.

Read on for this week's equations, students. Get More »

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