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Did Zac Efron Drop a Condom on the Red Carpet?

Zac Efron
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Well, did he?

Zac Efron possibly made the premiere of "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" a little less family-friendly when he dropped what could possibly be an item that's often used whilst engaging in the practice of safe sex on the red carpet.

Zac showed up to the premiere earlier this week looking a bit disheveled, like he just got out of bed or something (hey, it was around 11:30 on a Sunday morning, give the guy a break) -- though one wonders whether he was in bed alone or with someone (since he's Zac Efron, we assume the latter, but we digress). Zac seemed a bit frazzled with his messy hair, sunglasses and decidedly non-formal clothes -- and was quick to pick up whatever fell out of his pocket after seemingly reaching for something else.

One thing's for sure: the environmentally-conscious Lorax himself probably appreciates that Zac actually stopped to pick up the discarded object. No littering!

Watch the YouTube video below and see what you make of it. Hey, if it is a condom, at least he's concerned about disease and pregnancy and all that stuff.

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