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13 Hollywood Loopers

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The visual effects department had to do a pretty bang-up job to make Joseph Gordon-Levitt look even remotely similar to a young yippee ki-yaying mother-f---er Bruce Willis in Rian Johnson's time-hopping "Looper," but since Hollywood's baddest, baldest ass-kicker was blessed with three daughters and no sons in real life, there wasn't much of a choice. Sure, all that pain and suffering ultimately paid off, but there are some people who've got it way, way easier.

For fellow action hero Will Smith, for example, his prime mini-me is his own son Jaden who doesn't need a stitch of prosthesis to pull it off because, you know, doy. The two star as, surprise surprise, father and son in M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming sci-fi thriller "After Earth," and we swear that the older Fresh Prince Jr. gets, the more of that Big Willie Style he inherits.

Surprisingly enough, they're not the only Hollywood-ites to mirror one another so closely across the generation space. LaLa Land Looperism is actually more common than ya might think, and we've got our lucky 13 favorites plucked out right here for your amazement.

1. Lily Collins & Jennifer Connelly

The casting director on "Stuck on Love" must've needed exactly zero minutes to knot together this mother-daughter pair for the indie family drama. The two adorably bush-browed brunettes share the same milky complexion, gazelle-esque body frames and delicate little poses. Oh, and they're both ridiculously gorgeous.

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2. Leelee Sobieski & Helen Hunt

Really, the biggest difference between these two — apart from the twenty-year age gap and one super-shiny Oscar — is the fact that the younger blonde pretty much refuses to smile for the camera, while the seasoned "Sessions" starlet knows good and well her career's just about "As Good As It Gets." See what we did there? Huzzah.

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3. Olga Kurylenko & Catherine Zeta-Jones

"Oblivion" is to "Entrapment" what "Quantum of Solace" is to "Ocean's Twelve." Got it? When it comes to these olive European knockouts, they've got so much more in common than flawless skin and tempered smiles; the two also reached the big stage by way of sultry action movie supportage.

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4. Penn Badgley & Mark Ruffalo

So much scruff, so little time. The up-and-coming "Gossip Girl" star is lingering somewhere near the cusp of heartthrob status, which is something his elder doppelganger can probably understand. While the "Marvel's The Avengers" star (and suggestive fan-fic enthusiast) has no shortage of admirers, he's usually brought onto a film's line-up as some sort of affable everyman.

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5. Brittany Snow & Reese Witherspoon

Apart from certain, ahem, recent behaviors, America's southern sweetheart has long held the crown of having the sunniest smile in Tinseltown, but Gen Y answered the call for a new adorable blonde on the block with this perky "Pitch Perfect" starlet.

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6. Josh Hartnett & Tommy Lee Jones

While Josh Brolin did a nice job in "Men in Black 3" and Grumpy Cat totally nailed it, the guy most likely to end up looking like the "Lincoln" star is "Lucky Number Slevin" himself.

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7. Emile Hirsch & Jack Black

Greased, overdue-for-a-trim hair swooped around willy nilly? Check. Three or four days gone without a shave? Uh-huh. Grim, "I'm so over it" expressions built squarely for the photoline? You betcha.

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8. Christina Ricci & Helena Bonham Carter

There was a time when the "Casper" darling was heading straight for Weirdsville where Bellatrix LeStrange herself has long made a home, but she's since opted for a more mainline approach to the industry. That doesn't change the fact that these two still share the same sizable forehead shape and stankface.

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9. Michelle Williams & Judi Dench

The Dame's got forty-six years on Glinda the Good Witch, but there's no denying those shared cheek bones and muted smirks. Not to mention those bitchin' bob 'dos.

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10. Elizabeth Olsen & Jennifer Aniston

The non-twin of the fam might look just like her famous sisters (except much healthier), but she's also got that certain girl-next-door vibe our great-haired "Friend" has been working for decades now. Not to mention that little button nose, star-gazey expression and wholesome demeanor are all dead-on.

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11. Emma Watson & Winona Ryder

The "Harry Potter" starlet is currently going for an adult persona upgrade, and the more sullen she gets, the more she's become the absolute spitting image of "Girl, Interrupted" herself. Both brown-eyed girls had that pixie 'do on lock, too.

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12. Jennifer Lawrence & Helen Mirren

One got her Oscar by playing a loose cannon nympho widow while the other got hers for becoming the Queen of England. Big diff. And it's pretty much the only diff between these two celebrated, respectable but still funky-enough-to-play-along debutantes.

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13. Colin Hanks & Tom Hanks

K, so this one's kind of a joke, but not really. Like the Smith brood, Tom Hanks' kid's foot is made to walk in his shoes, but he's treading lightly along the way. Sure, he looks like his pop broke the human bounds on reproduction and gave birth to him himself, and his attitude and mannerisms resemble daddy dearest to a tee, but .... oh, who are we kidding? They're the exact same person.

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