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Woody Allen: The Animated Version


Watching Woody Allen films, one starts to notice the same subjects popping up, over and over, for the last 30-odd years. Whether waxing poetic over the New York skyline, dating unobtainable, young ingenues or pining for Pre-War America, Allen’s nothing if not consistent.

Don't get us wrong; this genius has made one film per year since 1977, so he can be excused for repeating a nugget or two. Still, enough already with the Freud references, Woody!

Dan Meth's charmingly astute cartoon "Woody Allen: This is Crazy" on nails every one of the director's ticks while still showing Allen the love. The stylized drawings are hilarious and voice actor Tony Forkush does a near-perfect Allen impersonation – it's pretty amazing.

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