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'Toons Go Noir in 'Walt Disney's Sin City'

Walt Disney's Sin City

Finally, a worthy companion piece to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

We're not sure what inspired someone to recreate the "Sin City" trailer with footage from animated Disney films (especially six years after "Sin City" came out), but you know what? By jove, it works!

If nothing else, "Walt Disney's Sin City" shows us that there's more subversive imagery in Disney movies and cartoons than we probably realize. They certainly didn't need to take any creative liberties with recreating Jessica Alba's striptease -- ol' Walt was definitely a fan of burlesque.

Also, nice touch with having the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast" stand in for Mickey Rourke's Marv. We really couldn't tell the difference at first.

Check out the mash-up mock trailer below, courtesy of YouTube, and thanks to BuzzFeed for the find.

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