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'Twilight' Star Bronson Pelletier Shown Peeing All Over LAX

Bronson Pelletier Getty Images

It would appear that Bronson Pelletier is somewhat still in character.

The young actor, who played shape-shifter Jared Cameron in the "Twilight" series, apparently had a little too much to drink during a recent visit to Los Angeles' LAX airport. When he was approached by an airport official, he stumbled about for a bit before pissing all over the floor.

Pelletier had previously denied the incident but, as they say, video doesn't lie. He'll appear in court on Jan. 17 and faces up to six months in prison if found guilty on the charges of public intoxication and urination.

Oh, look what's happening to the "Twilight" cast now that the series has ended! So lost, so alone ...

Watch a wolfman make an ass out of himself in the NSFW video over at Heavy.

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