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Tom Cruise Plunges Into Universal's 'Oblivion'

Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise is getting ready to take back the planet.

The "Knight and Day" star will be teaming up with "TRON: Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski for ""Oblivion," Cruise's first return to science fiction since 2002's "Minority Report," according to Deadline.

The adaptation of the graphic novel by Arvid Nelson takes place in 2061, when most of humanity lives off-planet in a space station after Earth has been wiped out by alien scavengers. Cruise will play Jak, a survivor who returns to Earth to hunt down the aliens.

The project was originally set up at Disney, who ultimately deemed it too dark (and perhaps too expensive: the price tag is around $100 million). It's now set up at Universal, the studio that recently pulled the plug on the Tom Cruise/Guillermo del Toro project, "At the Mountains of Madness," interestingly enough.

This looks like a good one. It's been a while since we've gotten some really dark sci-fi, and Tom Cruise needs roles that don't shy away from the fact that he's aging yet still allow him to do his action hero thing.

Production will begin in October, after Cruise wraps up "Rock of Ages." We'll next see him on the big screen in "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," opening Dec. 16.

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