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Chloe Moretz and Keanu Reeves Do 'Taxi Driver'

Chloe Moretz and Keanu Reeves do Taxi Driver
Harper's Bazaar

We're not sure about Keanu Reeves as Robert De Niro. But Chloe Moretz makes for a scarily spot-on Jodie Foster.

Reeves and the young "Hugo" star are just two of several actors who took part in Harper Bazaar's "The Age of Scorsese" photo shoot, which features several recreations from classic Scorsese productions.

Don't get too freaked out -- Chloe is actually just about the same age that Jodie Foster was when she played the angelic prostitute in "Taxi Driver." And she's never actually seen Scorsese's influential 1976 New York drama, because "My mom won't let me."

Besides Moretz and Reeves in "Taxi Driver," the "Age of Scorsese" photo shoot also features Kate Bosworth in a scene from "The Age of Innocence," Ben Kingsley and Michael Pitt channeling "GoodFellas" and Christina Hendricks doing "Gangs of New York."

Check out some of the highlights below, and view the entire "The Age of Scorsese" gallery at Harper's Bazaar. Thanks to our pals and fellow Scorsese fans at The Playlist for the find.

Chloe Moretz and Keanu Reeves

Kate Bosworth

Christina Hendricks

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