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GALLERY: 'Lorax' Lady Taylor Swift Goes Green and Stays Red-Hot

Taylor Swift has luscious golden locks, a few Grammys to her name, and now she can say she taught Zac Efron how to play guitar.

The pop/country sensation could easily be the most hated girl in America if she weren't so darn lovable. Who hasn't belted out one of her songs with the windows rolled down in their cars? She's held her own against a slew of exes and Kanye West, and that deserves major respect.

In "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax," Taylor voices treehugger Audrey whom Ted (Zac Efron) is trying to woo with his environmental ways.

With Taylor's double whammy in March in "The Lorax" and her "Hunger Games" soundtrack contribution, "Safe & Sound," the girl is off to a great 2012. Why not celebrate her greatness with a Hot People Looking Hot gallery?!

But please, no teardrops on any guitars.

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