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6 Surprising 2011 Oscar Campaign Posters

Jackass 3D For Your Consideration

Haven't been reading Variety every day? Then you may not have noticed, but Oscar campaign season is in full swing.

That means Hollywood insiders are being flooded with advertisements touting the achievements of this year's awards contenders, for their consideration while casting votes on Academy Award ballots.

Occasionally, the campaigns will originate from surprising or inspired places. Case in point: Last week, Paramount unveiled one for the blockbuster hit "Jackass 3D," making its case for Best Picture, Art Direction, Cinematography and more.

In the spirit of the "Jackass 3D" campaign (and also in respect for its balls), we dug up these six other surprising 2011 For Your Consideration Oscar posters you may have missed.

(Note to members of the Academy, specifically those sense of humor-challenged: These are not actual studio-released campaign posters. )

Artwork by Old Red Jalopy.

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