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10 of This Summer's Blockbusters Re-Imagined as Indies

The Avengers as indie poster

Summer movies season is all about the blockbusters -- action movies with fist fights and guns blaring. Ch-ching!

But blockbusters aren't the only kind of movies at the multiplex this summer; they share space alongside quieter, more critically acclaimed fare. And let's face it, inside every loud, attention-grabbing, big-budget action movie, there's also a sensitive indie just wanting to get out. Right?

That's how we like to think of it, anyway. With our friend Old Red Jalopy, we've put a spin on 10 summer blockbusters to picture them as smaller, less explosion-heavy films instead. After all, it's not such a huge leap to see "The Avengers" as a moodily dysfunctional family, or Sylvester Stallone as an aging soldier contemplating the limits of his own mortality (with or without guns).

Take a look at these posters for 10 blockbusters re-imagined as thoughtful indies. And if some of you are even more likely to see them now, hey studios, we've got some marketing ideas for you ...

Men in Black 3 as indie

Total Recall as indie

Dark Knight Rises as indie

Snow White and the Huntsman as indie

The Avengers as indie

Prometheus as indie

Battleship as indie

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