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Stephen King Starts Universal's Fire. Get It?


In the grand lexicon of universal fears, fire is right up there somewhere between spiders and clowns. So it's no wonder that Stephen King, who has of course made a living writing about everything terrible in this world (including both spiders and clowns), was able to turn "Firestarter" into a cult hit starring Drew Barrymore back in 1984. No, the real wonder is that it has taken over a quarter of a century for Hollywood to decide they needed to do a remake.

Well, that wait is finally over, as Variety is reporting that Universal Studios and the De Laurentiis production company have given the greenlight to a new version of "Firestarter" -- and this time they're hoping to turn it into a franchise.

"We see this as a unique, character-driven thriller with a supernatural edge, based on a timeless concept and enhanced by recent visual effects advances," production head Martha De Laurentiis said in a press release.

We're not sure just how timeless this concept is -- prior to King's 1980 novel, the only notable woman on fire in history would seem to be Joan of Arc -- but there's no doubt that King's stories have proven to be a nearly endless source of material for Hollywood.

Still, even as enduring as "Firestarter" has proven to be over the years -- besides being a horror favorite, a made-for-TV sequel aired earlier this decade -- Universal is planning to tweak the formula for modern audiences by reinventing the main character with "more edge."

"'Firestarter' has a great mythology," Universal president of production Debbie Liebling said. "We believe the franchise can be extended in a new and exciting direction."

And that's not just blowing smoke.

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