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Beware Falling Rocks in 'Star Trek' Motion Poster

"You think your world is safe?" asks the villainous Benedict Cumberbatch (that's right, we've come to the conclusion that he's just playing himself) in "Star Trek Into Darkness." "It is an illusion," he warns. Now, that lack of safety has spilled onto your own web browser.

Things look even more bleak for the crew of the Enterprise with the "Star Trek Into Darkness" motion poster, which paints a grim portrait of Cumberbatch's destructive vengeance with falling pieces of what looks to be some building in 23rd century San Francisco. Whether this guy is Khan or Gary Mitchell or just some dude named John Harrison (or, as we theorize, Cumberbatch himself), he's got no love for the Federation ... or for California property in general.

Check out the motion poster below. "Star Trek Into Darkness" opens May 17.

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