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Space Helmet Tribute Makes For Mashup Oddity

Apollo 13 Universal

There have been a lot of space helmets in movies ... and, finally, someone has given them the supercut they deserve.

Editing wizard Keith Melton blasts off with "SUPERCUT: Helmet Oddity," a mashup featuring the space helmet action in "Alien," "Armageddon," "Barbarella," "Event Horizon," "Mission to Mars," "Apollo 13" and many others, all set to the rather odd sounds of "Ground Control to Eleanor Rigby," a musical mashup (appropriately enough) by Daft Beatles. It makes for what the poster for John Carpenter's "Dark Star" refers to as a "spaced-out odyssey."

You could check it out, or you could stay here on boring Earth. We recommend the former. And thanks to Vulture for the find.

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