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Let's Be Brutally Honest About 'Skyfall'

One of the last year's highest-grossing films, "Skyfall," electrified the James Bond franchise with an ass-kicking performance by Daniel Craig that made us all go, "Pierce who?" (JK, luv u, Brosnan!)

Screen Junkies has tackled the caper, enlisting it as the newest focus of their hilarious franchise, "Honest Trailers." And a slew of important questions arise.

Why didn't that train stop?

Did Adele know when Bond "died"?

Does Judi Dench ever smile?

Did Bond and Raoul hook up?

Were Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern behind this all somehow? Because, seriously, this is straight-up "Home Alone" business right here.

So many questions, so few answers. But, really, who cares? The movie's great, even if only just because "Quantam of Solace" was just fine.

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