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Michael Fassbender Likes Sex (a Lot) in 3 'Shame' Clips

Michael Fassbender in Shame
Fox Searchlight

George Michael once sang, "Sex is natural, sex is good. Not everybody does it, but everybody should." Clearly he hadn't met Brandon, the protagonist of avant garde director Steve McQueen's erotically charged new movie "Shame," who partakes in sex with the frequency and urgency of a crackhead.

As played by Magneto himself, Michael Fassbender, Brandon is a functional addict who can't get the sex monkey off his back, and he chases it with porn, prostitutes, or whoever he can lure to his flat. When his sister (Carey Mulligan) comes to stay at his place, Brandon's routine is interrupted, and the withdrawal becomes nasty.

Get a taste of Fassbender's acclaimed performance with these three clips from the film.

1. Sidewalk Conversation. Brandon considered telling Marianne the charming anecdote about the time he exposed himself to a nun, but thought better of it.

2. "Aww man, where'd she go? I was gonna tell her how awesome her legs were ..."

3. And now a scene from TV's hottest new sitcom, "My Wingman Is a Sex Addict."

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