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'Seven Psychopaths': 3 Exclusive Woody Harrelson Photos

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Sure, Woody Harrelson might be hard-drinking but big-hearted Tribute mentor Haymitch Abernathy in "The Hunger Games" to us now, but let's not forget that he was also once charismatic yet most definitely psychopathic mass murderer Mickey Knox in "Natural Born Killers."

Woody gets to bring back a little of that Mickey mojo for his role as Charlie, the temperamental (to say the least) gangster in "Seven Psychopaths." The greatest love in Charlie's life is his pet shih tzu, and when the pooch gets snatched ... well, Charlie gets even more temperamental than usual.

Check out our exclusive pics of Woody living the hectic life of a movie criminal once again. "Seven Psychopaths" opens Oct. 12.

And Check Out This Hilarious, NSFW Red-Band Trailer for 'Seven Psychopaths'

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