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Imagining the 'Seinfeld' Movie Posters

Remember "Seinfeld"? Of course you do. Remember how every episode was funny about fifty different ways? Remember how occasionally Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer would go to fictitious movies with hilarious titles and characters that were frequently voiced by an off-camera Larry David?

Us, too. That's why we've decided to revisit the best fake movies "Seinfeld" had to offer ... and update their posters to reflect who might be cast in them in 2013. And because, after over 15 years, we'd still rather check out "Sack Lunch" than "The English Patient" any day.

Artwork courtesy of our pal Old Red Jalopy.

Fake Seinfeld Poster: Rochelle Rochelle

Fake Seinfeld Poster: Sack Lunch

Fake Seinfeld Poster: Prognosis Negative

Fake Seinfeld Poster: Blimp

Fake Seinfeld Poster: Death Blow


Fake Seinfeld Poster: Chunnel

Fake Seinfeld Poster: Ponce de Leon

Fake Seinfeld Poster: Checkmate


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