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Ryan Gosling Characters You DON'T Want to Say 'Hey' To You

Only God Forgives RADiUS-TWC

Oh, Ryan Gosling. America's Sweetheart. The man who was robbed — robbed! — of the Sexiest Man Alive title. There are several good reasons why The Gos inspired the wave of "Hey Girl" memes: He's our handsome dream boyfriend who will write to us every day for a year, will do the "Dirty Dancing" lift with us in his living room and break up a street fight in New York on his way home from the gym, and so much more.

But what of the other side of Ryan Gosling? The somewhat darker side. Sir is a thespian, after all, and not all of his movies involve good-looking charmers who sweep the heroine off her feet with a romantic gesture. In "Drive," for example, Gosling's character's version of a romantic gesture is wordlessly smashing a guy's skill in in an elevator in front of his girl. Hey girl? Nay, girl.

Ahead, in meme form, check out more rejected Gosling "hey girl"s.

'Only God Forgives'

Only God Forgives

'Half Nelson'

'Blue Valentine'


'Lars and the Real Girl'

'The Believer'

'Murder By Numbers'

Originally published on Wed., Jan. 9, 2013.

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