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Sir Roger Moore: 'Skyfall' Is the Best Bond Ever

Daniel Craig in "Skyfall" MGM

"Skyfall" might have just had the biggest opening weekend of any James Bond film ever, but that doesn't impress us. (OK, it kind of does, but still.)

What really impresses us is the stamp of approval Sir Roger Moore has given the franchise flick. As reported by Vanity Fair, Moore, who played James Bond in seven of the 007 flicks, declared the latest installment to be "the best Bond ever… It really is an amazing movie."

And what does he think of its star, Daniel Craig?Has he surpassed Sean Connery as the gold standard of Bond?

Seems so. Though Moore had crowned Connery as the king of all Bonds in his book "Bond on Bond: Reflections on 50 Years of James Bond Movies," he has since changed his mind. The thesp mused, "If I could go back and write another chapter, I would take the liberty of changing my mind. Daniel Craig is, without a doubt, the Bond. He has just got it all."

Though not everyone thought he would. Moore remembers when Craig was first named for the part, the press backlash was fierce.

"The press was terrible. The English press can be so negative. I just did not understand that at all. I wasn't in England, so I e-mailed Barbara [Broccoli, the producer] to tell Daniel Craig not to let the buggers get to you. He is a real Bond."

He sure is. So, there you have it, from James Bond himself. Well, one of them, anyway. Is Daniel Craig your ultimate Bond?

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