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4 Rejected ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Posters

The poster for "Zero Dark Thirty" is an impressive one, ominous and haunting in its simple, stark imagery and bold lettering. It lets you know that this is an "important movie," though also something of a humble one by usual Hollywood standards as neither Jessica Chastain's nor Kathryn Bigelow's name is emphasized anywhere — this is a film with a (true-life) story that speaks for itself.

It surely took a lot of trial and error for Sony Pictures to get to that poster, though. Below you'll find some rejected one-sheets for this year's most controversial Oscar contender, courtesy of our resident designer Old Red Jalopy (and bonus points to those of you who remember the awesomely lame "Navy SEALs" poster).

Zero Dark Thirty


Zero Dark Thirty


Zero Dark Thirty

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