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Marriage Bells Ring For 'Twilight' Star Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed
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Sniff! It seems like just yesterday that Nikki Reed was merely "Thirteen" and piercing Evan Rachel Wood's navel in that famous teen rebel indie. Nope, our little "Twilight"-er is all grown up and married to former "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald.

Reed and McDonald met on the red carpet for the premiere of Catherine Hardwicke's "Little Red Riding Hood." Hardwicke cowrote the script for "Thirteen" with Reed and then directed her and Wood in the film when they were just 14. (Hardwicke screen-tested the pair on the very same bed where Bella and Edward shared their first -- but not last! -- off-screen smooch.)

Reed, of course, has gone on break into the real big time as Rosalie Hale in the "Twilight" series.

Now that the last "Twilight" has wrapped, Reed probably has a lot more free time to spend with her new husband. The question du jour for fans is whether or not Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson showed up, or were even invited. Although the two played rivals onscreen, Reed and Stewart were BFFs until a falling out last year. Also, there was that whole rumor about Reed and Pattinson

Strangely enough, the actual moment they met was captured and uploaded to YouTube. The two were clearly taken with each other from the start, although much to the envy of male Twi-hards, McDonald had no idea who he'd just been hugging. "She a famous actress or something? I'd probably hang out with her!" No doy, McDonald.

Want to wish the new bride good luck on her nuptials? Hit her up on Twitter!

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