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Nigel Barker Sees London, France, Russell Brand's Underpants on 'Arthur' Set

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Photographer and Tyra Banks cohort Nigel Barker is making his big screen debut this spring. Before you get too excited, there are no plans for "America's Next Top Model: The Movie" -- yet -- but in a chat with NextMovie, Barker announced his upcoming cameo in Russell Brand's remake of "Arthur."

The "ANTM" judge, who will play himself, explained, "I have a whole bunch of lines and I get to shoot Nick Nolte, Russell Brand, Jennifer Garner -- and they actually use the photograph in the shot and we do fake shoots, it’s a lot of fun."

"Russell is scandalous, as everyone knows," he  added. "He stripped on set while we were outside and was basically loitering around in his tighty whities."

According to Barker, some of Brand's real-life antics made their way into the movie.

"Nick Nolte had to hoist him up onto a horse, and he basically grabbed [Russell's] nuts by accident. He almost got bitch slapped by Russell Brand.  I think they kept it in the film because it's so funny. That happened for real -- that wasn’t planned."

It's those antics that make Brand a natural subject for the photographer, Barker told us.

"[Russell] was fabulous to shoot because he has such character . You don’t have to push -- it's just there."

As for whether or not we'll see Barker as America's Next Top Movie Star, anything's possible.

"I'd love to [appear in more movies], whether or not I would have to appear as Nigel Barker," he confessed. "Perhaps I could be someone else -- then I really could go wild."

--Reporting by Logan Crane

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