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Nicolas Cage, Crystal Pepsi, and Acid-Washed Denim Explode the Internet

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Don't get your hopes up. The internet moves way too fast to see the item not get sold in the blink of an eye, but eBay user jacobwrf recently took to the online marketplace to sell the best garment ever: a denim jacket emblazoned with images of Nicolas Cage and the logo for Crystal Pepsi. And — and! — the denim was acid-washed.

Eventually selling for $199.99, the most ironic jacket in history combined two cultural phenoms: a failed soft drink from the '90's and the guy with a flavorful resume of flicks like "Raising Arizona," "Moonstruck," and "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance " The jury is out on whether the auction winner is Brooklyn's cheekiest hipster or a "National Treasure" obsessive, but one thing's for sure: he will never take off that jacket.

And if he does, it's ours. We don't usually steal, but this is a special occasion.

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