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Video: Nic Cage Infiltrates Non-Nic Cage Movies

Vampire's Kiss MGM

Every movie can be a Nicolas Cage movie if you get your mashup on.

Is the fact that Nicolas Cage makes, like, half a dozen movies every year (okay, he has slowed down some in recent years, but still) not enough for you? Then have we got the supercut for you.

"Classic Movies: Now with More Nic Cage" features Nicolas Cage inserted into movies that previously had nothing to do with Nicolas Cage. Watch as he converses with Nick Frost in "Hot Fuzz," crank calls Drew Barrymore in "Scream" and makes Clint Eastwood's wild west even wilder.

Plus, it was only a matter a time before someone thought to merge "Office Space" with "Vampire's Kiss." We're happy someone finally did.

Get your NSFW Nic on below, thanks to the mashup wizards at Weekly Vids. And remember — never tease the bees.

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