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This Trailer Brings Emily Brontë's Classic to New 'Heights'

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Emily Brontë's classic 1847 novel "Wuthering Heights" has been adapted for the movies almost too many times to count, so film fans can be forgiven for wondering if there's really anything new that can be done with the story.

But if you're one of those folks, then wonder no more, because we've got a new trailer here for an adaptation that brings the tragic romance to new "Heights."

Starring newcomer James Howson as Heathcliff and Kaya Scodelario ("Moon") as Catherine, writer/director Andrea Arnold's take on their doomed relationship has been wowing folks in Europe and on the festival circuit since it first debuted last year.

And now, with its American debut set for October 5, Arnold is rolling out a new trailer fill with lush photography, tears, woe and new music from Mumford & Sons.

Hey, new is cool, but timeless is even better. Check it out, courtesy of Vulture, and get ready to be moved once again.

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