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RPattz Glows Like the Sun in 'Water for Elephants' Trailer

Robert Pattinson
Getty Images

Get your combs ready, folks, because the first trailer for "Water for Elephants" has finally arrived and Robert Pattinson's hair still looks amazing in it.

Fans of RPattz, of course, have been eagerly awaiting a look at the upcoming period piece, which places Pattinson opposite Reese Witherspoon as performers in a Depression-era circus. And the new clip for "Water for Elephants" certainly doesn't disappoint, as director Francis Lawrence's adaptation of Sarah Gruen's bestselling novel looks like a million damn dollars.

And it's not just Pattinson looking great here; Witherspoon and co-star Christoph Waltz also jump off the screen in their period finery, as do the film's other, non-human co-stars. With Lawrence's stellar lighting and cinematography, gosh, elephants never looked better than they do here.

In fact, we pretty much only have one complaint about the trailer: despite how great he looks, Pattinson only has one line of dialogue! Most of the brief narration for the trailer is actually given by Hal Holbrook, who plays the old version of Pattinson's character. Which means that fans will have to just settle for looking at Pattinson instead of listening to him.

Actually, we take back our complaint. Because if looking at RPattz is the worst thing about a trailer, you know the movie is going to be awesome. Check it "Water for Elephants" for yourself, courtesy of Apple:

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