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Computer Illiteracy Isn't Funny in 'The Internship' Trailer

The Internship 20th Century Fox

The plot of "The Internship," which was revealed several months ago, mentioned "an Internet company." Now we know that it's, well, the Internet company.

Google indulges in a nice feature-length commercial for itself (and, to be fair, a seemingly sometimes self-deprecating one, too) in "The Internship," the culture clash comedy that reunites frequent co-stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson for the first time since "Wedding Crashers" (2005).

"The Internship" features Vince and Owen as two middle-aged and old-school salesmen who suddenly find themselves unemployed. In a last-chance act of desperation, they apply for internships at Google, where both their advanced age and distinct lack of tech savviness work against them in the most obvious and unimaginative ways possible.

The film looks like a mess, starting with the tired premise and extending to the way overly art-directed Google campus, which is made to look like the 21st century version of "Romper Room." You also have to be wary of comedies where a bald academic in a wheelchair is referred to as "Professor Xavier" ... and comedies with trailers that abruptly end as a cover-up for a character that's about to say a bad word.

Unfortunately, Rose Byrne also stars in this, and she appears in the trailer for only a few frames. The "Bridesmaids" beauty certainly deserves better on both counts.

Writhe and cringe at the lame shenanigans below. "The Internship" opens June 7.

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