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The 11 Most Absurd Moments in the New 'Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer

Good news for the Martin Scorsese-Leonardo DiCaprio collective. After pushing the film back from its original mid-November release schedule due to a whopping 3 hour run-time, Paramount has now confirmed that the director will indeed have his proverbial ducks in a row just in time for "The Wolf of Wall Street" to bow on Christmas (outta the way, "Jack Ryan").

That means we can most likely expect a fast and furious awards season campaign from Marty, Leo and maybe even a few of the supporting cast members — which include Matthew McConaugheyJonah Hill (and wouldn't he just love to be in contention again this year?), Kyle ChandlerJon BernthalJean DujardinRob ReinerJon FavreauSpike Jonze and Margot Robbie.

Happy tuxedo dance, anyone?

Perhaps to celebrate the news, the studio has released a brand new trailer for the one percentric film, and we couldn't help but notice that it's got hilariously absurd moments aplenty. Here are our favorite 11.

When Leo whips out a $72,000 monthly pay stub at a diner to entice Jonah to come work for him...

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer

... and then claims he was 22. Leo's still beautiful and all, but they'd probably need to call in the "Benjamin Button" squad to sell that one.

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer

Also, there was that weird squawking thing Matty M. whipped out for whatever reason ...


... and when Jonah Hill's character exposed a fascinating set of priorities ...

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer GIF

... and then Leo had that "Titanic"-esque moment of triumph ...

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer

... ya know, just before he brought  A (semi-naked) CIRCUS into the office ...

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer

... and, of course, that weird "daddy" scene held over from the first trailer.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Oh, and the ludicrous amounts of money! Money everywhere. Money in the garbage can ...

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer GIF

... money in golf bags ...

The Wolf of Wall Street

... money. on. people. Ridiculous.

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer

Oh, and there's also that moment when Jonah has to rub Leo's temples to get him to calm down about the fuzz being on his case, 'cause that's not weird or anything, right?

The Wolf of Wall Street

Needless to say, this movie is gonna be something special, we can count on that.

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