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Christopher Walken Makes Beautiful Music in 'A Late Quartet' Trailer

Christopher Walken, Catherine Keener & Philip Seymour Hoffman in "A Late Quartet"
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Playing in a string quartet is a great metaphor for life, but does it also make for a great movie?

That's the question being asked by thew new trailer for "A Late Quartet," which also provides three pretty good answers: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Christopher Walken.

Sounds like beautiful music to us.

Premiering tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival, "A Late Quartet" tells the story of four members of a string quartet (the three aforementioned Oscar darlings plus Mark Ivanir) whose delicate professional balance is upended by lust, betrayal, greed, envy and impending death. You know, pretty much exactly what you expect from classical music.

Add in turns from Imogen Poots and Wallace Shawn, plus a cool voiceover by Walken, and you have a trailer that hits all the right awards season notes. So will Walken, Keener, Hoffman and Ivanir be asked to perform a recital at this year's Academy Awards?

Check it out, courtesy of The Film Stage, and see for yourself.

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