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In Memoriam: Megan Fox's Twitter Page (2013 - 2013)

Megan Fox Getty Images

You guys. Megan Fox and Twitter are dunzo.

All that potential, and all we got was one measly week of Megan Fox as @MeganFox talking about Megan Fox.

After pontificating the existentialism of the instant social networking site on the instant social networking site, she updated her trusty Facebook page to let us know it's over.

She especially knifed us by closing with that hashtag, since hashtags don't mean anything on Facebook. Ouch.

And now we're basically like...

... because our lives will now be deprived of things like Megan Fox tweeting about Megan Fox holding a Boba Fett coaster ...

.... and Megan Fox tweeting for people to go see Megan Fox's movie while not mentioning that Megan Fox is in the movie ...

... and Megan Fox sharing a picture of her family dressed up as the Joads ...

... and Megan Fox throwing up a pic of a life-size R2D2 with a background easter egg shot of a Megan Fox-esque poster lady who may actually be Megan Fox.

Oh, the humanity! The Twitterverse will just never be the same.

In memorial of the @MeganFox - bio: "Lover. Healer. Mother" - that barely was ...

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