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My Favorite Movie: Liam Neeson

Getty Images / Warner Bros.

"Well there's two, actually. There's one I was talking about the other night with a friend of mine — 'Once Upon a Time in America' — and 'Ben-Hur' with Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd.

"I just remember the gut feeling of watching 'Ben-Hur' on that big Cinemascope screen. That chariot races still hold up — it's unbelievably exciting. 'The Phantom Menace' had a chariot race, didn't it? But that was all CGI. Not in 1959 when they did 'Ben-Hur.'"

Liam Neeson has been one of Hollywood's most sympathetic leading men for over three decades, having headlined such diverse films as "The Grey," "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace," "Kinsey," and Best Picture-winner "Schindler’s List." He reprises his role as the deadly capable Bryan Mills in this week's "Taken 2."

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