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Liam Hemsworth Layeth the Smacketh Down in Street Fight Video

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Forget his brother Thor, evildoers everywhere should fear the godly wrath of "The Mighty Liam!"

Liam Hemsworth must still think he's in "The Hunger Games" since he saw fit to pulverize a dude in the middle of the street this past Sunday, according to a typically shaky, blurry video from TMZ.

Shot in the wee hours on the streets of Philadelphia, where Hemsworth is lensing reshoots on the Harrison Ford/Gary Oldman thriller "Paranoia," the video shows Chris Hemsworth's little bro delivering a savage beatdown on a guy clinging to his leg.

The young blonde dude who Hemsworth tuned up later identified himself to the cameraman as "Rob" and stated, "I don't think [Liam] fared much better." Aww, don't be such a sore loser, Rob, but maybe put some Neosporin on that bleeding forehead of yours. Yeesh.

There's no police report yet, so we don't know what sparked the fight, but we imagine it may have involved Rob making fun of Hemsworth fiance Miley Cyrus' acting abilities in the laughably bad "LOL." To paraphrase one of his brother's movies, if Liam Hemsworth can't protect Miley's acting rep you can be damn well sure he'll avenge it.

Liam Hemsworth Unleashes Beatdown in Street Brawl
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