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Leven Rambin Catches Some Tasty Waves In 'Mavericks'

Leven Rambin
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Leven Rambin graduated from "All My Children" to the world of big budget tentpole movies when director Gary Ross cast her as the beautiful/deadly Glimmer in the just-wrapped adaptation of "The Hunger Games."

Now she'll go from facing off against Katniss to going mano-a-mano with nature as a totally bitchin' surfer girl.

Variety is reporting that Rambin has scored the female lead opposite Gerard Butler in "Mavericks," the story of legendary wave jocky Jay Moriarty (Jonny Weston), who "sought to ride the iconic Northern California break known as Mavericks, where winter swells bring in treacherous waves the size of five-story buildings." Dude!

Rambin will play Moriarty's best friend and object of affection, while Butler will play his trainer, Rick 'Frosty' Hesson, a role originally earmarked for Sean Penn. The Walden Media project will be directed by Curtis Hanson, who previously did the pseudo-biopic "8 Mile," although big wave surfing is slightly more dangerous than freestyle rapping.

Moriarty died in 2001 during a free-diving expedition, and now the Big Wave Invitational at Mavericks is known as "The Jay" in his honor. Here's hoping Rambin gets a good crying scene out of the deal.

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