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PHOTOS: Kristen Stewart Is Queen of Stankface

Dear Kristen Stewart, would it kill you to crack a smile?

Stewart, erstwhile star of the "Twilight" franchise, has 50-plus shades of stankface, and she's displayed each and every one of them on red carpets over the last several years. We understand that some people just have kind of a mean resting face, but this seems a little excessive. Do you really have reason to be so glum? We'd like to point out that Robert Pattinson took you back. And it's worth noting that you were named the highest-paid Hollywood actress last year.

Whatever the opposite of smizing is, that's what you do. Tyra Banks would be ashamed.

We hate to belabor the point, but really: Just try cheerfulness! It might do you some good.

Click through to the gallery to check out some of Kristen's stankiest stankfaces (some with bonus Robert Pattinson).

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