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Exclusive Poster: 'Kitty Purry: Part of Me'

Have you heard the one about the cat who became a star ... and in 3-D, at that?

No? Then it's our pleasure to introduce you to Kitty Purry, a multi-talented feline whose fandom knows no bounds. Her rags-to-riches story is being chronicled in the new biopic, "Kitty Purry: Part of Me."

You might say that Kitty Purry's road to superstardom was a bit less rocky than that of her human counterpart, Katy Perry. Sure, Kitty didn't have a hit single that received as much airplay as, say, "I Kissed a Girl," but at least there was no short-lived marriage to Russell Brand (or is that Russell Terrier Brand?).

Ultimately, Kitty's just One of the Cats. Thanks to our pal Old Red Jalopy for helping tell her story and for providing a fine new addition to our collection of cat movie posters.

Kitty Purry: Part of Me

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