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Justin Bieber Recast in Hollywood Classics

Never Say Never Poster

Justin Bieber is 18. Go on, freak out. We'll wait.

The once-floppy-haired pop star has only just reached the age of majority today, but he's already been everywhere. Opening "The Daily Show." Making a surprise cameo on the Oscars.

Last year, the internet phenom-turned-ubiquitous pop star even took over movie theaters with the origin story/concert doc "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never."

To celebrate his big day, we decided to put Bieber even more places -- specifically, in posters for various Hollywood favorites, because… well, why not?

Justin Bieber in Avatar

Justin Bieber in Boys Don't Cry

Justin Bieber in Good Will Hunting

Justin Bieber in Grease

Justin Bieber in Rebel Without a Cause

Justin Bieber in Teen Wolf

Justin Bieber in Walk the Line
Posters created exclusively for NextMovie by Old Red Jalopy.

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