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July Movie Math: It All Adds Up


The dog days of summer are here, and with them, summer movies. Though school is most definitely out, we're sorry to tell you that there's no escape from learning. Your mother always told you that math would be important, and she's right.

Whether the sun has you clamoring for air conditioning and the cool girls of "The To-Do List" or if you'd rather chill your bones with "The Conjuring," there's a movie out there for you.

"But how do I figure out which new releases I'd like to see, NextMovie?!" you cry.

Just do the math.

July 3

Despicable Me 2

The Lone Ranger

July 5

The Way, Way Back

Stuck In Love

July 12

Grown Ups 2

Pacific Rim

July 19

The Conjuring

Girl Most Likely

Only God Forgives

Red 2


July 26

The To-Do List

The Wolverine

The Smurfs 2

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