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Julianne Moore Set To Dysfunctionally Mother 'Carrie'

Julianne Moore
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Every thirty-odd years a classic horror film deserves a remake—right? While we were initially skeptical of a reboot of the 1976 hit "Carrie," the latest casting news is forcing us to reconsider. Because after locking down ingénue Chloe Moretz to play the titular teen, the powers-that-be are circling Julianne Moore for the role of her mother.

As Total Film reports, the studio is currently "speaking closely" with the four-time Oscar nominee to play the fundamentalist Christian who uses some untraditional parenting techniques to try and control her telekinetic offspring.

If the new version stays true to the original, Moore will spend a good part of her time making Carrie's life a living hell (even more than yours did). Haven't seen it? Trust us.

If this pans out, Moore would take the role that had at first been earmarked for Jodi Foster—which only reminds us one more time that the studio has high hopes for this flick. Whether it will work or not remains to be seen, as it's always risky trying to remake a classic, no matter how killer a cast you've got teed up. (If it ain't broke, why fix it?)

But we'll find out whether this gamble pays off son enough, as this Kimberly Peirce revamp is targeting a release date in March 2013… and yes, that is right around prom.


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