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Josh Gad Goes From Dud to Stud in 'The Game'

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"The Book of Mormon" star Josh Gad will be trading in his magic underwear for shiny bikini briefs and some hair gel when he hits the big-screen adaptation of creeper seduction manual "The Game."

Indie Wire reports that Gad will play the book's author, Neil Strauss, who poses as an unlucky-in-love average Joe who looks to Mystery for help doing a 180 on his dating life.

James Franco signed onto the project last month as tourniquet pant-wearing ladies' man Mystery, whose method of picking up ladies has been the subject of Strauss' book, VH1 show "The Pickup Artist," and much derision from women who don't fancy a man in a boa.

The script is being written and directed by Brian Koppelman and David Levein, two guys who know a thing or two about film seduction — the pair are the brains behind eye candy-fest "Ocean's Thirteen" and porn star Sasha Grey's major debut in clothing, "The Girlfriend Experience."

Gad has achieved acclaim for his most famous role as a Mormon missionary in "South Park" creators Trey Stone and Matt Parker's Tony Award-winning musical, in addition to big screen credits including "21," "The Rocker" and "Love and Other Drugs."

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