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Before They Were Famous: Jason Segel in 'Can't Hardly Wait'

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Try to remember a time before you were aware of "Bad Teacher" star Jason Segel.

Perhaps you first recognized him as the star of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," or got to know him as Marshall Eriksen on "How I Met Your Mother." Maybe you remember him from his days on the now-cult hit "Freaks and Geeks," or even way back to his indie-film breakout as Mike in "SLC Punk!"

Wow, he's only in his early 30s, but doesn't it feel like Segel has already been around a long time? Just to give you some idea, he started his career a year before Justin Timberlake began dating Britney Spears... and when Jennifer Love Hewitt was the biggest teen star in America.

In 1998, Segel got his first movie role: as Watermelon Guy in the Hewitt-powered high school flick "Can't Hardly Wait." In a performance that may have prepped the actor for a career of working with Judd Apatow, his character is incredibly stoned and passionately eating a hunk of watermelon throughout his only scene.

Amanda Beckett (Hewitt) tries to get Stoner Guy (Brian Klugman) and Watermelon Guy to explain what Preston Meyers (Ethan Embry) looks like because of a love letter he wrote her. All she gets out of them is that Ethan is "sort of tall, with hair, and wears T-shirts sometimes."

Segel is third banana in the scene, but gives the most entertaining performance as an enthused slacker pothead. It's tough not to crave watermelon after seeing him enjoy it so much -- as he eats the fruit, he's practically on the verge of making out with it. That hunk of watermelon is the best thing ever to him, and that's a truly believable stoner moment.

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