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James Franco's Grandma Thinks You're a Wuss

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Are moviegoers allergic to good films? It sure seems that way. This holiday weekend "Little Fockers" beat "True Grit" in box office gross. (Chew on that. Tastes bad, doesn't it?) Then there's the case of "127 Hours", one of our favorites of 2010, which has developed an unfortunate stigma amongst Joe Moviefan as "that one flick where the guy cuts his arm off."

Apparently watching James Franco delimb to save his life and triumph against all odds is somehow less appetizing than seeing Ben Stiller stab Robert De Niro in the wiener because he took too many boner drugs.

Well, Grandma Franco has a special holiday message those reluctant to see "127 Hours." We'll let her take it from here.

Christmas Greetings From the Franco's from James Franco
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